Inferno Alliance Readme

Version History
V1.0: Initial Modpack Release

Note: This mod is a hybrid release and is compatible with INF SCP or any FS Open build. It is NOT compatible with FS2 Retail, INF R1, INF R1 SCP Patch or with the FS Port.

Installation with Inferno SCP
First make sure you have downloaded the following files:
Extract INF_Alliance.exe and move the 'INFA' mod directory into your INFSCP root directory (usually c:\games\inferno) extract Warble_FS1OGG.exe and move the VP to the INFA directory.

Installation with FS Open
First make sure you have downloaded the following files:
Extract INF_Alliance.exe and move the 'INFA' mod directory into your FS2 root directory (usually c:\games\freespace2) extract Warble_FS1OGG.exe, 2_INF_Core.exe and 2_INF_Effects.exe and move the VPs into the INFA directory.

Installing HTL Model Pack or additional fleet pack
To install either of these simply extract the VP file and move it to the same mod directory as the rest.

Getting Started
Start the SCP launcher (usually launcher.exe) Select the SCP build at the top that you wish to run the mod on (either an Inferno build or a standard 3.6.9 or later build)

Select video tab and make sure it is set to OpenGL and which ever resolution you desire.

Next select the MOD tab. Hit the 'Select Mod' button and select the mod.ini inside the directory you created during the installation of the mod (INFA as default) This activates the mod.

Finally select the features tab and make sure the following are selected:
Enable Glowmaps under Graphics(-glow)
Use Models For Ship Selection under Gameplay (-ship_choice_3d)
You may enable anything else you wish such a specular lighting (-spec) or any of the other features.
Note: Enable jpg, tga textures (-jpg-tga) is not required for this mod.

Hit the run button and start the game. It's recommended that you create a new pilot for this mod. At this point you'll encounter the new mainhall. Below is a guide to were the different functions are:

Select the Inferno Alliance campaign in the campaign room and launch, or select a single mission in the tech room.

1. INF SCP Modding
INF SCP does not use the same filenames for textures as FS2 retail. This can cause incompatibility if you try to add new ships using FS2 Retail textures. Most FS2 major FS2 retail capship textures are used but with different names. It is recommended that you convert your new ships to use these texture files. (If you wanted to use the Orion textures you could open the included Orion model in modelview to find out the new map names. This saves texture memory as the game won't have to load two versions of the same map)
If you do not wish to use the new map names then you'll need to include maps using the original FS2 map names for your ship to work with the INF SCP version of this mod.

Note: If you wish to add new sounds to the sounds.tbl, there are 2 different sounds.tbls depending on which version you are playing. The INF SCP sounds.tbl is part of the main INF modpack. The FS2 standard sounds.tbl is in 2_INF_Core.vp and is a retail based table with less than 200 sounds. Adding new sounds to the FS2 retail table will break the Inferno version.

If you need help or advice on any of the above you can ask me in the forums.

2. Adding Ships
Make sure you read point 1 about texture differences between INF SCP and FS2 standard. Do not add ships directly to the ships.tbl, create a TBM titled <your ship name>-shp.tbm (eg GTDHades-shp.tbm)
If your not sure how to use TBMs please check the HLP wiki or forums.

3. Adding Weapons
Make sure you read point 1 about the different sounds.tbl for both INF SCP and FS2 standard. Do not add weapons directly to the weapons.tbl, create a TBM titled <your weapon name>-wep.tbm (eg ML16-wep.tbm)
If your not sure how to use TBMs please check the HLP wiki or forums.

4. Using Alliance Ships with FSPort or other Mods
Some Alliance ships use Inferno renamed versions of some FS2 textures which I recommend you rename to the FS2 retail names using PCS or Modelview. If you want to use a fighter/bomber you may need to produce additional interface art which is not included as Inferno uses SCP 3D ones activated by -ship_choice_3d. You will need a selection icon, loadout art and 'spinning ship' art if you do not activate that commandline. I suggest creating new table entries instead of using the Alliance ones as they are specifically designed for this mod and for running with INF SCP.

If you have any particular problems or require additional help in modding Inferno: Alliance please contact me in the Inferno forum.



Mutliplayer Team




-Herra Tohtori


Special Thanks
-FS Port Team
-Hard Light Productions
-SCP Team

2006 Inferno Team