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a Inferno: Notos Summer Release Announcement - 19 Jan 2013

Inferno: Nostos arrives this summer!
The Inferno Team would like to officially announce that Inferno: Nostos, the 10th anniversary remake of the original Inferno: Release 1 will be launching this summer 2013 in time for the 10th anniversary of the original R1 release. The conclusion of the campaign from the arrival of the Gigas onwards will be a seperate release at a later date to allow us to push the quality of the conclusion to maximum.

Missions: 30
- Complete standalone mod package that doesn't require the original FS2 Retail or Media VPs to run
- Improved missions from the original R1 and more brand new missions, more than doubling the original R1 campaign length
- One of the largest modpack fleets ever assembled surpassing the original FS2 retail ship limits
- Improved HTL versions of R1 models and many more new ones
- Brand new weapon effects and new weapon designs as well as revamped R1 classics
- Several new music tracks as well as upgraded R1 music

FSOpen 3.6.14 Inferno build or higher (Windows build included in download)

Differences to R1
- General Quality increase in the main campaign, both Freding and story wise
- New ships and some ships replaced
- Inclusion of more FS2 era assets such as the Deimos
- Campaign increased from 14 to 30 missions
- Surviving R1 mission brought up to the standard of the new ones (note: not all R1 missions are in the new campaign)
- Campaign ends with the end of the EA war and not the arrival of the Gigas

Ship List:
Below is a complete list of the contents of the Nostos ship.tbl split into FS1/2 Retail ships, ships that were in INFR1 and ships that are not from FS2 and INFR1.
Note that this list is not final and so may have a few additional changes before the summer release.

GTB Artemis ADv
GTB Boanerges
GTS Hygeia
GTC Aeolus
GTCv Demios
GTSG Mjolnir
GTFR Triton
GTM Hippocrates
GTSC Faustus
GTA Charybdis
GTG Zephyrus
GTI Arcadia
GTT Argo
GTNB Pharos
GTEP Hermes
EAS Centaur
GVF Serapis
GVB Sekhmet
GVC Mentu
GVCv Sobek
GVD Hatshepsut
GVA Setekh
GVFr Bes
GVFr Satis
GVG Anuket
SF Scorpion
SF Dragon
SF Mara
SF Basilisk
SF Aeshma
SF Manticore
SF Astaroth
SB Shaitan
SB Nephilim
SB Seraphim
SFr Asmodeus
SFr Dis
ST Azrael
SG Rahu
SC Lilith
SC Rakshasa
SCv Moloch
SD Ravana
SSD Lucifer
SJ Sathanas
Shivan Comm Node

GTF Vesuvius
GTF Perseus ADv
GTF Banshee
GTF Alves
GTB Jotun
GTCv Phobos
GTD Icelus
GTD Boreas
GTI Arcas
GTI Ishtar
EAF Claymore
EAF Claymore Mark II
EAF Stentor
EAB Peregrine
EAB Gagana
EAC Eclipse
EAC Aesacus
EACv Skotas
EAD Lindos
EAD Tereus
EASD Nemesis
EAFr Belus
EAI Lycaon
GVF Mihos
GVF Ennead
GVB Petbe
GVD Apothess
SF Hydra
SF Serpent
SF Gorgon
SB Durja
SD Kismat
SI Arachnas

GTF Mihos
GTF Ezechiel
GTF Hercules Mark III
GTF Graea
GTF Daedalus
GTB Rhea
GTB Surt
GTB Euryale
GTB Stheno
GTC Halcyone
GTSD Bastion
GTCa Lenaeus
Terran Comm Station
EAF Claymore Mark III
EAF Aurora
EAF Proteus
EAF Siope
EAB Aetna
EAB Lonchos
EAB Titanis
EAC Soter
EACv Kyrios
EAD Basileus
EACa Tyrannos
EACa Auriga
EAT Corvus
EAFr Titus
EASC Minoa
EAM Asklepios
EASG Gungnir
EAI Cepheus
EAI Timoros
EAEP Mercury
GVF Inpu
GVF Imset
GVF Onuris
GVB Hesat
GVS Acacia
GVCv Imuit
SF Succubus
SF Ashtur
SF Ifrit
SF Harpy
SB Kahlan
SC Gania
SC Lamia
SCv Armaros
SSD Vidyadhar

Q. What happened to the Gigas and Icanus?
A. The Gigas model is incomplete and the Icanus has not been started, since these will cause a large delay they have been removed for now and will be included in the 2nd release.

Q. What happened to the super carriers?
A. Gone and probably won't be coming back, the smaller carriers will have a larger role instead.

Q. Why are there few Vasudan ships?
A. The Vasudan fleet is still being worked on and most of it isn't required till the latter half of the campaign, to allow more time to bring these up to quality unused Vasudan assets will not be included in the first release.


Current Status:
Missions are around 2/3rds fully complete with most missions 1-20 in final bug testing phase and the rest in progress.
Models we are waiting on the final 10 HTL models, most are in the final modelling phase or in the texturing phase.

Q. Do we require testers?
A. Not at this point in time no.

Q. Could we use some help in other areas?
A. We could really use anyone who has experience in model convertion using either 3DS Max or Blender, we could also possibly use an artist capable of designing a high quality EA logo or CB animations.

Inferno Status and Asset Release - 1 Dec 2011

Due to some circumstances earlier this year we will not be able to release the Inferno upgrade by the end of the year as originally hoped. However, development has picked up recently and work is still continuing in the areas were problems came up. Because we aren't making the deadline in time, we've prepared some extra treats for you while we get back to the mod.

Release 1 Campaign Trailer:
This is the first of 2 campaign trailers covering the 'release 1' section of the campaign which ends at the point the original R1 campaign ends.

6 New Screenshots:
You'll find 6 new screenshots in the screenshots section of the site from the release 1 section of the campaign.

Shivan Fighter Pack:
We have released a small portion of the current Shivan fighters used in the Inferno upgrade which includes the following:
SF Incubus
SF Mantis
SB Ojas
SB Yali
Pic of all ships

Model Resource Dump 2:
Here is a pack of some of the frequently asked about models that are no longer used in the Inferno project. Note that due to differences in modpack tables and FS2 retail tables we will not provide tables for these ships, and some may need additional POF data.
GTF Odysseus
GTB Ursa Mk II
GTB Uriel
GTB Notus
GTC Bellerophon
GTCa Warlock
EAF Claymore1 (old)
EAF Claymore2 (old)
EAF Claymore3 (old)
SOF Ceyx
SOF Ophion
SOF Orpheus
SOF Benkei
SOF Tethys
SOB Lyre
SOB Wraith
SOCv Chiron
SOD Rapier
SC Raguel
SJ Amritaya
Pic of all ships

You'll also find some new information in this topic in the forums

Development Trailer - Mission 1 - 14 Aug 2011

Since there have been a few questions asked about changes to the first mission we decided to show a run through of the current beta version of the mission. If you are familiar with the original R1 you should find this not too different.
New Batch Of Development Pics - 12 Aug 2011
If you haven't been checking out the eye candy thread on the forums (you should lots of new stuff there) here's a few samples of Jessnecs new beam effects.

Don't forget to check out the eye candy thread for even more screens and dev pics, as well as out ModDB page.
Announcement Trailer - 19 Feb 2011

The team presents the first trailer for the 10th anniversary release of Inferno, available at 1280*720 resolution! For more details on this project please check out the FAQ and the Inferno forums.
Shivan Craft Development Pics - 12 Feb 2011
Below you will find a few pictures of our currently wip upgraded Shivan fighters and bombers, you can find additional pics on our ModDB page

New Site Launch - 11 Feb 2011
The new version of the Inferno site is now online. Here you'll find the latest information on the 10th anniversary remake of the 2001 release.
2011 Inferno Team