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General Questions

What is this Inferno anniversary release?

This is a enhanced remake of the original R1 Inferno campaign using updated assets with full FSOpen compatibility

Is this Inferno SCP?

No, this is a direct sequel to Inferno Release 1

Is this a standalone mod?

Yes, like INFSCP and INFASA the Inferno 10th anniversary release does not require a FS2 install or any additional files to run

What are the main differences between R1 and this?

Below is a list of the main differences to the original 2001 release

  1. New upgraded models with many new high poly additions
  2. Replacement of lower quality or broken ships that no longer work correctly using FSOpen
  3. Full FSOpen compatibility, including use of SCP specific features
  4. New weapons and new weapon effects for old weapons
  5. Improved missions, fixing errors and general quality in some areas
  6. New missions expanding the R1 'EA War' campaign
  7. A 'R2' ending involving the Gigas invasion of GTVA systems

When is it coming out?

Our intention is to release near the end of 2011, and it will feature the entire main campaign not split into chunks this time

Ships/Mod Related

Are all the ships from R1 in this version?

No, due to time and the fact that some ships are either broken or are not needed, not everything in the R1 modpack is included with this release. However there are plenty of new ships as well as the upgrades of previous R1 ships and some INFSCP models

Are the SOC/Ancient fleets included?

No, since there will not be a separate SOC campaign the SOC content was removed from the mod. The Ancients however may be added after the initial release period as an additional campaign and download

Did I see some original FS2 ships?

Yes, some of the original FS2 ships are featured in the campaign alongside the new ones

Campaign Related

How long is the new campaign?

The current combined R1+2 campaign is over 30 missions long, more than double the original R1 release

Will it be heavily story driven?

No, it is our intention to have this version of the mod to play more like classic FS2 like the original R1 did

2011 Inferno Team