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Alliance - About

Inferno: Alliance is set in the Sol system about 15 years after the collapse of the Sol jump node. The Galactic Terran Alliance (GTA) has collapsed and the major colonies now manage their own space. With the bulk of manufacturing and ship construction being based on Earth and Mars, the Earth and Martian fleets are far stronger than those of the other Sol worlds. Both Earth and Sol agreed not to manufacture weapons based off the Shivan Lucifer destroyer which was the cause of the Sol node collapse. You are a Martian pilot assigned to the Zagreus class destroyer Leander.

- Ships from the FS1 era including the Apollo and Orion
- Weapons from FS1 including the Avenger cannon and Hornet missiles
- 12 Player flyable craft of which 6 are new (not counting bonus fleet)
- 4 additional new capital ships (not counting bonus fleet)
- FS1 Music
- A bonus Vasudan and Shivan fleet not featured in the campaign
- Hybrid release. Works on both INF SCP and standard FS Open

Requirements For INF SCP Version:
- Inferno SCP Core
- Alliance: Core Files
- Latest Inferno FS Open Build
- A System Capable of Running INF SCP

Requirements For SCP Standard Version:
- Alliance: Core Files
- Alliance: Inferno VP files
- Any Recent FS Open Build
- A System Capable of Running FS Open

Note: This mod is not compatible with FS2 Retail, Inferno Release 1, Sol: A History, or the Freespace Port




2006 Inferno Team