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Inferno: Alliance Released - 10 Dec 2006
The INFA main campaign and required mods have now been released as are avaliable from the downloads page. More info can be found on the forums.
Screenshots Added - 04 Nov 2006
12 new screenshots have been added under the campaign screenshots section.
Testing Begins - 21 Jun 2006
Final testing of the mods begins today though the main campaign is not finnished yet. Testing will be done on both the INF SCP version and the SCP standard version.
Screenshots Section Redone - 11 Jun 2006
The screenshots section now has some shots of the non campaign fleet ships.
Major Updates - 28 May 2006
Major updates to the site were added today including a much larger ship gallery which features all the new models used.
New Screenshots - 07 May 2006
The screenshots section for part one has been updated with shots from the first act of the campaign.
Trailer Release - 14 Apr 2006
A trailer of an early version of the mod was released. You can get it from the downloads section or directly from the forum:,39362.0.html



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