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PVC Mafdet:

The Mafdet is a Vasudan medium cruiser. Were the Aten failed in strength and power, the Mafdet tries to make up for it. Although the Mafdet is still weaker to its Terran counterpart, the Tyr, the Mafdet should be considered a far more credible threat than the Aten.

PVC Mekhet:

The Vasudans' heaviest cruiser, the PVC Mekhet, outclasses our own cruisers in armour, but with fewer turrets. The cruiser is, however, the slowest warship in either fleet, making it easier to outrun or evade than confront directly.

PVD Bastet:

The Bastet was the standard destroyer class in use by the Vasudans until the Typhon was developed. Due to its unusual shape the Bastet finds it difficult to target an enemy capship in side combat. This lead to much damage being taken from Terran destroyers. The Bastet is still used to patrol inner Vasudan systems and has seen increased usage from the Hammer of Light as a command vessel.

PVD Het-Ka:

The Het-Ka is a massive Vasudan destroyer constructed by the Hammer of Light. It seems that like with the rogue GTI Hades destroyer, this vessel also makes use of Shivan derived technology, including two forward beam cannons.

SC Abel:

The weakest of the Shivan cruisers, the Abel is near equal to the Vasudan Aten in strength. However the Abel is one of the fastest cruisers ever encountered which helps make up for its poor armour. Since it is able to out run our own cruisers, it must be destroyed quickly before it can escape.



Note: FS1/INF standard ships not included above, only new models are featured.




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