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Alliance - FAQ

What is Inferno: Alliance?
Alliance is a campaign which tells the story of what happened in the Sol system after the Collapse of the Sol jump node.

What are the requirements to play it?
See the About section for what is needed to run both versions.

What is a 'Hybrid' release?
This mod was originally designed to run only on the next release of Inferno "INF SCP." It was later redesigned so that it can run on both INF SCP, and on a standard FS Open build. Though more files are required to do so.

Are there any differences between both versions?
Because there are a lot of files used from INF SCP, and it was not possible to include them all there will be some sound differences as the SCP standard version will default to ones included in FS2 Retail. The SCP standard version also uses cut down tables based of INF SCP ones. There is also a slight difference to the sound entries in the sounds.tbl as the original Inferno one wasn't included.
Note: Inferno files included for the SCP standard version are wips only, and so the final effects may change before the release of INF SCP, which will generate more differences between the two versions.

Are the SCP Media VPs required?
No version of the SCP media VPs are required to run either version of this mod.

I copied over a Media VP HTL model and it doesn't work correctly. Why is that?
This mod uses custom versions of the original FS1 and FS2 models and so they have been renamed. A HTL model pack will be released after the initial release of the mod. You can find more information here:,40690.0.html

Can I use X ship in another campaign/mod/game?
You can though if are you going to use it in something like FS Port you may need to do some tweaking to get them to work. More information on this will be available from the forum closer to release.

Can we make campaigns based off this mod?
Yes. Other campaigns based off this mod should work for both SCP standard and INF SCP versions. However if you add new ships using standard FS2 textures not included in this mod to the SCP standard version, they will not work with the INF SCP version. This is also true if you use non included INF SCP textures on the SCP standard version.

What command lines will we need to use?
Apart from using the -mod commandline there are a few others that are required for it to run correctly. These are: -glow and -ship_choice_3d. -spec is also recommended. You do not need to use -jpgtga as no TGA files are used in Inferno. You can also activate anything else you want.




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