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Alliance - Terran Capships

GTC Vidar:

The Vidar replaced the few remaining Fenris class cruisers that were left in Sol after the jump node collapsed. Fastest of the cruiser classes, the Vidar is best suited for convoy escort or as an anti-fighter weapons platform.

GTC Tyr:

The Tyr is the largest cruiser class in service and one of the most heavily armed. Designed to assist larger capital classes with its railgun armourments it can be very deadly in a group.

GTD Zagreus:

An older destroyer class that was retired after the mass production of the Orion. The Zagreus was brought back into active service after the Sol node collapsed. The vessel has also been upgraded with improved armour and a better weapons system.

GTD Megaera:

Very little is known about the Megaera class. We believe it is a one of a kind ship.

Asteroid Base:

An old class of station built into the larger asteroids in the asteroid belt. They were originally used for research and development away from populated areas. A few of the remaining ones seem to of been taken over by criminal orginizations.

GTFr Aether:

The Aether is a heavier upgraded version of the Chronos used by the military to transport the most important goods and supplies. Unlike the Chronos the Aether does not carry seperate containers, instead carrying the cargo in its interior holds.

Note: FS1/INF standard ships not included above, only new models are featured.




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