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PVF Septu:

A Vasudan recon fighter encountered early in the Terran-Vasudan war. The Septu was faster than our own Angel scout fighter, and was generally better armed. The main drawback was its very weak hull armour. The Septu is rarely seen in the modern Vasudan fleet.

PVF Uneg:

The Uneg is to become one of the standard Vasudan fighters flown by PVN pilots. Comparable to the Enceladus, the Uneg can perform almost any role from bomber intercept to space superiority.

PVB Heket:

The Heket is a bomber variant of the PVF Uneg. The Heket serves as the Vasudans lightest bomber craft comparable to the Athena. The Heket does not carry heavy warheads but instead concentrates on utilising anti-subsystem missiles and other small munitions.

PVB Imset:

The Imset is the Vasudans answer to our Hera class bomber. Like the Hera, the Imset focuses on high powered primary weapons instead of a massive bomb capacity. It has a weaker shield system than the Hera but makes it up in hull strength.

SF Hydra:

For a recon craft, the Hydra is extremely well-shielded - more so, in fact, than many of our heavy fighters. Although sluggish and unmaneuverable, the Hydra's small size makes it a difficult target to hit. Use anti-shield weapons to neutralise its defences, and take it down with a missile.

SF Serpent:

Serpents appear to be a hybridisation of the Basilisk and Manticore fighters. Its configuration suggests a heavy assault fighter role, a mandate which it fulfills well. Destroy them before they go after our bombers with their dual missile banks and heavy cannons.

Note: FS1/INF standard ships not included above, only new models are featured.




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