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GTF Enceladus:

Designed to replace the aging Apollo fighter as the primary craft flown by all pilots, the Enceladus exceeds the old Apollo in both speed and strength. It is also more compatible with the more modern weapon systems and so can carry most type of guns.

GTF Angel:

The old Angel scout fighter is second only to the Apollo in length of service and number of kills. Developed as a reconnaissance fighter in the first years of the Terran-Vasudan War, it also made a formidable match for the PVF Anubis and other early Vasudan fighters.

GTF Antaeus:

Though the Hercules class fighter was indeed a powerful craft, many pilots complained that it 'handled like a brick.' The Antaeus is an attempt to solve that problem, faster and more maneuverable than the Hercules but sacrifices little in armour and shielding. The only major drawback is the Anteaus has only one secondary bank and so carries far less missiles than the Hercules.

GTB Apollyon:

The Apollyon is an attempt to merge the capabilities of the Athena class with the ability to carry the larger Hellstorm warhead. With two additional primary banks the Apollyon is quite effective at attacking weaker subsystems with its stronger gun mounts. With the ability to carry the Hellstorm bomb, the Apollyon greatly exceeds the capabilities of the Athena.

GTB Callisto:

The Callisto is the new strike bomber of the fleet. A bomber in between the Apollyon and Medusa, the Callisto can make runs against any type of capital ship however it is not as effective against fighters as the Athena. It has a defensive turret to assist in taking out hostile fighters.

GTB Hera:

The Hera has the biggest reactor system ever mounted onto a small craft. With six gun mounts this bomber can mount the most powerful guns and not worry as much as the Ursa about the power drain. It has a massive afterburn boost more than capable of doubling its speed. The drawback to this system is it carries less bombs than the Ursa and it does not have a defensive turret.

Note: FS1/INF standard ships not included above, only new models are featured.




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